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Father Charles Girard
December 13, 1935 - November 11, 2017

Father Charles Girard
Fr Charles Girard at the Book Launch
of Lettres Reçues d'Océanie during a
Symposium in Wellington, April 2009

The sad news of the death of our confrere Fr Charlie Girard prompts us to remember with gratitude the significant contribution he made in the area of Marist Scholarship.

His published work includes:

• Charles Girard (dir.), Lettres des Missionnaires Maristes en Océanie, 1836-1854 (2008) - Anthology

• Charles Girard, Lettres Reçues d'Océanie, par l'administration générale des Pères Maristes pendant le généralat de Jean-Claude Colin (2009) - 10 volumes

• Charles Girard, Letters from the Marist Missionaries in Oceania, 1836-1854 (2016) - Anthology

• Charles Girard, Maristes Laïcs, Recueil de sources historiques (1992)

• Charles Girard, Lay Marists, Anthology of Historical Sources (1993)

• Laurence Duffy and Charles Girard, Like a Bridge, the People of God and the Work of Mary (1994)

The General House holds numerous copies of some of the significant works in Marist Studies including:

• A Founder Speaks / Entretiens Spirituels

• A Founder Acts / Quelques Souvenirs

• Edwin L.Keel, Textes pour l'étude de la spiritualité mariste (1993) (French only)

• Gaston Lessard et Bernard Bourtot, Colin Sup, Documents pour l'étude du généralat de Jean-Claude Colin (1836-1854) (2007-2009)- 4 volumes

• Bernard Bourtot, Julien Favre, Second supérieur general de la Société de Marie (1854-1885) (2012)

• Bernard Bourtot, Conférences et discours de Jean-Claude Colin (2013)

• Gaston Lessard, Colin Fondateur, Jean-Claude Colin de 1854-1875 (2014)

They are available for distribution to those interested, free of charge, provided the postage costs are paid for. For information please contact the general secretariat at secretariat@maristsm.org