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Marists are men and women who strive to live the Gospel the way Mary lived it. We are scattered to the four corners of the world but united in one heart and one mind under the patronage of Mary, the mother of Jesus. We gather into religious congregations and lay movements: The Missionary Sisters of the Society of Mary, the Marist Sisters, the Marist Brothers, the Priests and Brothers of the Society of Mary, and many lay groups of Marist inspiration.

Today, we continue in the venture to renew the spirit and mission of the Church as a place of collaboration and true spiritual enrichment.

We invite you to discover that true strength is found in gentleness. Marist spirituality invites us to embrace this liberating truth, which comes to us from the heart of God, by following Mary, the Mother of Jesus. Like Mary, we too can hear the gentle rhythms of the grace of God in our lives by making our own her manner of thinking, judging, feeling, and acting.

Mary's way is a direct path to the divine heart of mercy.

From Our Founder From Our Founder
‘We must hold fast to the spirit which presided over the birth of the Society. Enquire further into it every day; you will only be good Marists in so far as you really put it into practice. And what is this spirit? It is the spirit of the Blessed Virgin, a spirit of modesty, of humility, of prudence, of simplicity, of discretion.’
(FS 190:1)


Seasonal Reflection
Seasonal Reflections
Preparing Ourselves to be Better Christians
By Joe Wilhelm, SM

Mary Holding Christ

What are you giving up for Lent? This is a common question to Catholics on Ash Wednesday.  I prefer to think of Lent as a call to do rather than do without:  "turning away from sin and being faithful to the Gospel," the words that are said to us on receiving ashes.

What do I want to do for Lent?  I want to do what is needed to enable me to be a better Christian at Easter than I was at the beginning of Lent.

As a Marist I like to see this improvement as taking the form of a better response on my part to Jesus' words from the Cross when he entrusted his Mother to St. John:  "Behold your Son, behold your mother."  I think of these words as addressed to me also:  "Behold my mother."  Jesus is asking me too to take his mother into my life.

 What can I do so I can better respond to this commission?


Marist Thoughts Seasonal Reflections

Marists are often quick to point out that Mary was the first and perfect disciple of the Lord. If we want to know what discipleship means we have only to consider her life, a life that modeled faith, humility and love. Marist Craig Larkin tells us that Luke's Gospel explains why Mary is the perfect disciple. She heard the word of God and accepted it wholeheartedly, believed what she heard would be fulfilled, and cherished and pondered what she had been told. More than listening and more than pondering, Mary put into practice what she had heard.

Maria Boulding
, Benedictine nun and spiritual writer, suggests that like Mary, the Church receives the word of the Lord, ponders it in her heart, and gives it life. This requires a certain discipline, a discipline that includes quiet and shared prayerfulness, an openness to the Spirit, a willingness to trust the word of God and to be faithful to that word in our daily lives. It requires something else. It calls upon us to joyfully and with conviction practice what we have come to accept. In following this discipline, we model our lives after Mary, the first and perfect disciple, whose only desire was to lead others to Christ.



The Year of Consecrated Life

Link to Marist Youth International, the Society of Mary website specially created for young people whome the Marist Fathers and Brothers share their life and mission.

House Passes
Clean Homeland Security Bill
Republicans end stalemate; measure passes without derailing Obama's immigration protections

March 3, 2015 - The House of Representatives approved a nine-month funding bill for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS, without a Republican-sponsored provision to defund President Obama's immigration policies centered on protecting millions of undocumented immigrants from deportation.

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