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Come & See Weekend

Has the thought ever crossed your mind – what is it really like to be a member of a religious community?

Come and See Weekend with the Society of Mary Brothers and Fathers

On a cool autumn weekend in October, the Marist Fathers and Brothers sponsored a "Come and See" for four young men in Waltham, Massachusetts.  They came from as close as Massachusetts and as far as Florida and Ohio to further explore Marist religious life. These weekends are for interested young men to come together to further explore religious life.    

There are several choices in choosing a path in life, namely remaining single, getting married or the consecrated life to be lived as a religious priest or brother.  These men– Adam Campbell, Andrew Wisniewski, Sean McKiernan and Daniel Mello– have been discerning a call to the consecrated life, and felt that they wanted to go to the next step and meet with members of the Society of Mary for a weekend of talks and prayer with others who are also seeking where God is leading them in their own lives.

Fr. Al Puccinelli, SMAlong with the men attending the Come and See weekend, there were members of the broader Marist family: Brother Mike Sheerin, FMS of the Marist Teaching Brothers and Sister Palepa Ioane, SMSM, a Marist Missionary Sister who were present along with Fr. Paul Frechette, SM, Director of Postulants, Fr. Al Puccinelli, SM, Postulant Socius and Mr. Jack Ridout, Director of Vocations for the USA Province of the Society of Mary.

All of the Marists helped in facilitating the weekend which resulted in an immediate sharing of stories, concerns and vocation journeys from all concerned– enhancing the purpose of the weekend, to come and see what religious life is about. 

A DVD on vocational discernment was shown, and there was time for Mass, prayer, and reflection, with one-on-one interviews rounding out the three days at the Espousal Center in Waltham. 



We are an apostolic community,
which lives out its commitment
within the world – in schools, parishes, and other agencies within the Church and society.

Our ministries all serve
to further the works of
Mercy in our world.



How do you know if this is a real call?Discernment Society of Mary Ask yourself...

Has the idea of being a priest
or brother been in your
mind for a while?

Do you feel called to a
deeper prayer life and relationship with God?

Does the idea of becoming
a brother, sister, or priest keeping coming back time
and time again?

Do you find service projects
or ministry at your parish
or in school rewarding?

Do you feel you're being
"called" to be more?

Do you have a desire to
share your faith with others?

Ask us...

Jack Ridout, Vocations Director

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