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Society of Mary, Image of MaryMarists find God in a serious, joyful, and fulfilling commitment of love and service to God in the spirit of Mary. Mary's faithful and humble spirit is one that responds to God saying, "Let it be done to me according to your Word." We are sustained by prayer and by sharing our lives with fellow Marist priests and brothers and the broader Marist family, including sisters and laity.

Our vocation finds us living on the edge between what is familiar and what is new. And our work is building bridges between people in all our diversity and our God who loves us unconditionally.

Has the thought ever crossed your mind – what is it really like to be a member of a religious community?

We are often asked about our chosen vocation as a Marist priest. I hear, "How did you know?" This usually follows on the heels of a statement or question like, "You really wanted to be a priest?!" It's not something that is on the minds of a most people. However, I have discovered that these things are on most minds: love, meaning, and being true to yourself.

Marists try to live their community life and to minister in the spirit of Mary – gentle, loving, and humble. We try to make God's love present to others, especially those who feel left out. We choose not to have a lot of things, not to be with the in crowd, and not to look down on people. We just try with all our heart to meet people where they are and give them encouragement. Our community life prayerfully supports us and challenges us to be true to ourselves in Christ.

There are a number of things you can do with your life. I encourage you to give them all serious thought. Whatever you do, I encourage you to listen deep down to what God may be calling you to. For each person that's different.

The Marist Path
The process of joining the Marists is a thoughtful and considered one. Through the various stages of discernment, a person can comfortably get to know the Marist community.

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Frequently Asked Questions
You may have many questions while considering a vocational life as a Marist. Our FAQs may help in your research.

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I Am A Marist
Hear about religious life in the Marist community, personal discernment stories, and faith experiences from our Marists, in their own words.

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Vocation Resources
Delve into our resources of books, web sites, and other links that may help in your discernment.

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We are an apostolic community,
which lives out its commitment
within the world – in schools, parishes, and other agencies within the Church and society.

Our ministries all serve to further the works of Mercy in our world.



How do you know if this is a real call?Discernment Society of Mary Ask yourself...

Has the idea of being a priest
or brother been in your
mind for a while?

Do you feel called to a
deeper prayer life and relationship with God?

Does the idea of becoming
a brother, sister, or priest keeping coming back time
and time again?

Do you find service projects
or ministry at your parish
or in school rewarding?

Do you feel you're being
"called" to be more?

Do you have a desire to
share your faith with others?

Ask us...

Jack Ridout, Vocations Director

Phone: 415-249-0976
or toll free 866-298-3715