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I Am A Marist

In faith, attitude, prayer, and action, a Marist strives to think, judge, feel and act in every way as Mary would. Each Marist lives this out in his own way as illuminated in the following stories from and about out Marists.

Ad Multos Annos!

On Saturday, October 20, 2018, many full cars from all over New England came to Methuen, Massachusetts to the former St. Theresa’s Church for a happy occasion.

It was the 50th anniversary of Ordination to the Marist Priesthood of Kenneth Thibodeau, SM. READ MORE>

Ken with his brothers and sisters

Marists at 13 Isabella StreetMarists at Isabella Street

The Marist Community members at Isabella Street in Boston are involved in a variety of ministries for the wider church community, the Province, and the Marist Missionary Sisters in Waltham, Massachusetts. The men are enjoying living in the newest house in the Province.

After residing at 27 Isabella Street, they moved in late October of 2017 into 13 Isabella Street after the old rectory and residence were sold. This house, which is just beyond the former Our Lady of Victories Church, is the property bought by the Marists in the 1930s for the use of Marist Missionary Sisters who came from Europe to establish a foothold in the U.S. READ MORE>

Face of the Church -- Instrument of Mercy

After 13 years as pastor of Notre Dame des Victoires Parish in San Francisco, Marist René Iturbe has a new ministry with the Archdiocese of San Francisco serving as "the face of the church" to locally incarcerated men and women as the chaplain of detention ministry for San Francisco and Marin County jails.

Face of the Church - Instrument of Mercy / I am a Marist: Rene Iturbe

René speaks of being "an instrument of mercy" to those who feel alienated as an important part of the Society of Mary charism. READ MORE>

A Marist Postulant
Marist Postulant Recognized for Musical Talent in Production Celebrating Leonard Bernstein

Marist Postulant Niklas RodewaldMarist postulant Nik Rodewald, currently pursuing a Master of Music degree in Composition at the Catholic University of America (CUA), was recently recognized for his musical talent in a production celebrating Leonard Bernstein; CUA Music and Arena Stage in Washington, DC, presented Bernstein at 100: The Theater Songs of Leonard Bernstein on January 26-28.

The performance featured students from CUA's Musical Theatre Division and the Catholic University Symphony Orchestra. The show included 28 new orchestrations, 24 of which were arranged by Nik, who was acclaimed as "a wonderful composer" by N. Thomas Pedersen, Head of the Music Theatre division at CUA. READ MORE>

A Marist Brother
Brother Robert Sokolowski Honored with Papal Award

Marist Robert SokolowskiMarist Robert Sokolowski was honored at the Savannah Cathedral’s Annual Heritage Gala held in November 2015.

He had served at the Cathedral for 27 years prior to his retirement in May 2015.

The December issue of the Cathedral's Twin Spires publication reported on the event: "The highlight of the evening was Bishop Hartmayer's presentation of the Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice medal to Guest of Honor Brother Robert for his many years of distinguished service to the Church. READ MORE>

A Marist Remembered
Archbishop George H. Pearce, Marist missionary bishop
By Charles N. Bransom (The Boston Pilot)

A Vocation Story: A Marist Remembered, Archbishop George H. Pearce.The Most Rev. George Hamilton Pearce, SM, Archbishop emeritus of Suva, Fiji, died in North Smithfield, R.I., on Aug. 30, 2015, in his 95th year of life.

At the time of his death, Archbishop Pearce had passed more than 74 years in religious life; 68 years as a priest; and 59 years as a bishop. He lived a life of outstanding dedication to Christ and His Church. READ MORE>

Three Marists who challenged the Empire of Death
in the Twentieth Century

by Fr. Tom Ellerman, SM

Father Duhamel, Father Conley, Fr. Brett

In her opening talk to the International Congress on Consecrated Life in Rome in 2004, Sr. Therezenha Joanna Rasera, S.D.S., said:

"We are aware that those who follow in the footsteps of Jesus of Nazareth also challenge the empire of death and the power of the oppressors of this world, and will risk and accept the loss of their own lives for others, so that they may have 'life' and have it abundantly" (Jn 10:10).

These words make us think of the martyrs such as Saint Peter Chanel and the Marist Brother Martyrs of Spain, but we must also call to mind the ever growing multitude of clergy, laity, and consecrated persons who have been caught in and are victims of the violence of "the empire of death and the power of the oppressors of this world.". READ MORE>

A Marist Remembered
Brother Roland Bernier, S.M. The Life of A Marist Builder
By Paul Carr, Development Director and Fr. Al DiIanni, S.M.

A Marist Remembered Brother Roland Bernier, S.M.Br. Roland Bernier, S.M. began his Marist journey in a very Marist way. He saw a need and followed his faith and instinct to help.

His sister Jeanette, a Marist Sister (SMSM), related the following story to Fr. Al DiIanni, S.M., shortly after her brother's death last September.

Raymond Bernier, Roland and Jeanette's brother, was a Marist brother for about seven years. One day, Br. Raymond was sent to Maine to pick up a young man who was interested in becoming a Marist. READ MORE>

A Marist Remembered
The Rev. Robert R. Brett, U.S. Navy Chaplain

A Vocation Story: A Marist Remembered, Father Robert BrettDuring his time in Vietnam, Lt. Robert Raymond Brett always stood firm— firm in his faith, firm in his duty and firm in his devotion to his men. He would be there to provide whatever care his Marines needed, whether it be physical, emotional or spiritual, regardless of what was going on around him. That was why he had joined the Navy: to be where the men in combat needed him most. READ MORE>

Richard Henry Smith, S.M.: Our First American Marist Vocation

Richard Smith SMThe story of Fr. Richard Henry Smith, S.M., and the Marists intersects with the Church in 19th century America.

The American Church gained "equal rights and privileges with that of other Christians" not necessarily found in other countries at that time. Bishop Carroll (the first native Catholic Bishop) believed that the American Church was to be reflective of the new American spirit of nationalism, not the culture and influences of foreign states; that priests should be educated in America; and the promotion of the separation of church and state and religious pluralism, which many saw as a benefit of American freedom. READ MORE>

Answering God's Call with Maturity, Honesty and Commitment
by Jack Ridout, Vocation Director for the Society of Mary

The single life always seems to be the one state in life that others either run from or are simply resigned to. How often do we hear "old maid" used in a positive sense? The question often is, "So when are we getting grandkids"? These and many other quaint sayings are often heard by single men and women. READ MORE>

Marist Priest Promoted to Colonel in Military Chaplaincy
Father Fleury Promoted to ColonelFollowing a long tradition of Marist priests who have served as military chaplains from D-Day to Vietnam to present day, Marist Father Joseph Fleury, S.M., was promoted to Colonel on March 24, 2011. The promotion ceremony was conducted at Fort Irwin, Calif., by Brigadier General Terry Ferrell, Commanding General of Fort Irwin and the National Training Center. READ MORE>





"This will be a
wonderful experience,
no matter what!"

Marist Postulant



Lest We Build on Sand

The practice of reciting three Hail Mary's and the Sub Tuum (we fly to your patronage) for the conversion of those who are not faithful followers of Christ, whether baptized or not, and the perseverance of those who faithfully follow Christ is an early custom of the members of the Marist Family. This spiritual practice at the beginning and the end of each day puts us in immediate union with Mary and her spiritual concerns.

Marist spirituality is Mary's spirituality, totally centered on Jesus the Christ, her Son and Teacher, and on our relationships with him. Marists are to be completely centered on and unite with Christ, as is Mary. They are to make their best efforts to bring others to him, while encouraging, strengthening, and cooperating with those whose lives are already dedicated to Christ.

Mary's spirituality is lived always in the context of a Christian way of life, whether one is single, married, or consecrated. The ideas and ideals of Marist spirituality become real only when they are incarnated in the Marist spiritual practice of people in their daily lives.

Lest we build on sand, we must have a clear understanding of our baptismal vocation and commitment; a realistic picture of ourselves; knowledge of the three Christian ways of life; and instruction about Marist spirituality and spiritual practice.

Marist "way of life" Discernment Days, which we hope to offer throughout the Province, help those who have not yet chosen the state in life for which they are suited, to discern which of the three life-giving paths is best for them, and aid those who already have chosen their state in life to understand it more deeply from the Christian point of view.

These Discernment Days are designed to help Catholic Christians live out their baptismal vocation and commitment to Jesus Christ in a Marist way, in their chosen state of life.

Father Tom Ellerman, S.M.


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