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Our Parishes

Notre Dame des Victoires • San Francisco, CA

Our Lady of Perpetual Help • Tampa, FL

Our Lady of the Assumption • Atlanta, GA

Our Lady of Lourdes Center, Boston, MA

Saint Louis, King of France Church • Saint Paul, MN

St. Francis–St. Blaise • Brooklyn, NY

San Felipe de Jesús • Brownsville, TX

Holy Rosary • Buckhannon, WV

Mater Dolorosa • Paden City, WV

Special Children's Easter Morning Liturgy
Special Children's Easter Morning Liturgy

Special Children's Easter Morning Liturgy
BROWNSVILLE, TX —Fr. Tony O’Connor, S.M. conducts a
special children’s liturgy on Easter Sunday morning
celebrating the Ceremony of the light and blessing of
the Easter water in the frontier parish of
San Felipe de Jesus, Marist Fathers, Brownsville.


San Felipe de Jesús Parish Celebrates Patronal Feast

Fr. O'Connor SM shares the delight of Fiesta de San Felipe de Jesús with two of the younger parishioners.
Father O'Connor SM shares the delight of Fiesta de San Felipe de Jesús with two of the younger parishioners.
Fiesta de San Felipe de Jesús was celebrated on Wednesday, February 5, the feast day of the Brownsville parish's patron saint.

One parishioner wrote in the bulletin:
"I decided to investigate and discover who this saint was who carries the title of Proto-Martyr of Mexico .... What impressed me was that Felipe de Jesús was a migrant from Mexico who, after looking for adventure in southeast Asia, took up vows in the Franciscan order. While returning to Mexico, he was shipwrecked off the coast of Japan, rescued, but then was martyred for his faith. His last words were: 'Jesus, Jesus, Jesus'...."

San Felipe wrote on the 4th of February 1597 the night before he was martyred:

Dear Fathers and friends,

The night is slipping by so quickly. Tomorrow I will die executed on the cross, but I am not afraid. My thoughts fly to you and my beloved country.…

Blessed be God who came to my help and I came to understand that it was not worth it to live like I was doing. I wanted to be a missionary, but now God rewards me instead of working, allowing me to give my life to show my love.

I am sorry I have not returned to Mexico even though it seems a day ago that I was there: I will return. I am sure I will return to tell all of you that the real life that is worth living for is Eternal Life.

Peace and all good,
Fray Felipe de Jesús

San Felipe de Jesus Parish Celebrates Patronal Feast

Pastor Anthony O'Connor SM relates that San Felipe connects strongly with the migrant roots in the Brownsville community. Another parishioner observed the future in the children gathered: "What impressed me was not only the presence of the children and young people but also their active contribution to the festivities. Congratulations children and young people. You have shown us the way to the future.... Maybe this year we will see the parish of St. Felipe de Jesús blossoming with a multitude of children and youth. Because they also are the'‘salt of the earth' not only of today but of tomorrow."

San Felipe de Jesús Parish Celebrates Patronal Feast
San Felipe de Jesús Parish Celebrates Patronal Feast



Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Tampa, FL
Our Lady of Perpetual Help,
founded in 1890, is one of the
oldest and most beautiful
churches in the Tampa Bay area.


Notre Dame de Victoires, San Francisco CA
Notre Dame des Victoires Church,
located in the heart of downtown
San Francisco, as the French
National Catholic Church,
we offer a welcoming faith
community to all.

Virgin with Child
The Virgin with Child, formerly found
in a niche above the Rector's Door
at the Harewood Road Campus of
Marist College, Washington, D.C.

St. Louis, King of France Parish
in Saint Paul, MN

St. Francis of Assisi - St. Blaise Parish, Brooklyn, NY
St. Francis of Assisi-St. Blaise Parish
in Brooklyn, NY



Marist Brother (FMS) Recognized Nationally

When Brother Albert Phillipp FMS arrived at the newly formed parish in 1996 with Fr. Michael Seifert SM, he found an area in dire need of help.

The Brownsville, Texas parish of San Felipe de Jesús consisted of desperately poor people who lived in ramshackle houses, many of which were unsafe. The sun-baked rural community lacked paved streets, garbage collection and streetlights....

Soon after Br. Albert began his ministry in Brownsville's Cameron Park, he went to the head of the county and asked it to provide garbage collection and other services for Cameron Park. The county commissioner refused because the people in that colonia didn’t vote.

"He said he would act if 250 people voted,” Phillipp said. So Albert worked with others in his parish to get people to the polls. In the November 1996 election, 250 people from the colonia voted. Then, he said, "Local officials began to get interested in the needs of Cameron Park."


Whether in a school, hospital, mission,
or military base,
we live out a
concrete spirituality
that teaches people
how to "taste God."


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