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Marist Donor Accomplishes Amazing Things

Marists in Mission: Bob Spruce

With their time, talent and treasure, Marist donors accomplish amazing things. Marist Laity member Bob Spruce is an example of one enthused with the spirit of the Society of Mary who has used his gifts of time and talents of insight, drive and innovation to transform Marian formation and build community in his local parish.

As a new Catholic who had never met a Marist, it was Bob’s 2001 chance encounter with an Englishwoman visiting his parish in Houston that introduced him to the Marist Way. Bob felt something was missing in his parish life, and was intrigued by what this woman told him about the Marists. He read a biography of Marist founder Fr. Colin and “I developed a personal relationship with Mary as a result of that book,” remembers Bob.

Bob decided to start a Marist Laity group even though the closest Marist parish group was in Brownsville, Texas. Soon, this Marist Laity group became a formal ministry of his parish. His small group has provided parish morning prayer six days a week; led days of reflection on Marian topics, and organized a mission drive to collect school supplies for 1,200 children in the elementary formation program run by the Marists in Brownsville and in Matamoros, Mexico.

Bob’s insight into the needs of busy families in his 4,000- family parish has led him to new ways to provide formation in Marian spirituality, such as his self-directed study program with a professed lay mentor. “This way, if you don’t have time to attend meetings, you use materials on the website, explains Bob.

Bob’s talents will be of great help to the Marists as part of the congregation’s Marist Way Committee, which began meeting in August 2009. “The task of the ‘Marist Way’ group is to take Marist spirituality beyond the professed Marists and make this spirituality available to the Church at large. … Marist spirituality changes the way one behaves and how one approaches the other. Parishes won’t change unless individuals change,” says Bob. He observes that fostering the growth of community in parishes is critical to our Church today.

For Bob Spruce, the gifts he has shared with the Marists never compares with the gifts received from them. “Marist spirituality has done a great deal for me, by bringing focus into my spiritual life and renewing how I live my life.”




“Marist spirituality has
done a great deal for me,
by bringing focus into
my spiritual life and
renewing how I live my life.”

Bob Spruce, Marist Laity



Marists in Mission

Marist Students Work “Peace by Piece"

Marists in Mission

In the many efforts to build peace in the Middle East, a relatively unknown program at Marist School plays a quiet but significant role in sowing seeds of peace and understanding among Jewish, Muslim and Christian students in the U.S.

Peace by Piece is a high-school based interfaith dialogue collaboration among Marist School and two other Atlanta schools, The Weber School (Jewish) and W.D. Mohammed School (Muslim).

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