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October: Respect Life Month

The journey toward restorative justice
is one of both heart and mind.
Over and over, it asks us to choose
hope over death and redemption over vengeance.

When we succeed, we learn that we can foster healing,
transform relationships, and build a culture of life,
just as our Catholic faith compels us to do.

I can hardly think of a better time to embrace this call than in October for Respect Life Month. As Catholics, we have a responsibility to root out systems that sustain a culture of death. The practice of capital punishment is one such system - snuffing out all possibility of redemption.

Emboldened by the recent Catechism revision, CMN launched the #HopeOverDeath Campaign, connecting our work to end the death penalty with our efforts to promote restorative justice, all rooted in the belief that we are making way for new life to emerge.

You can choose #HopeOverDeath by utilizing CMN's new video, prayer cards, and education and advocacy tools.

Let us walk together away from death and toward hope.

In peace,
Krisanne Vaillancourt Murphy
Executive Director, Catholic Mobilizing Network

P.S. Click here for an important update on New Hampshire's repeal efforts.

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