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Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation

To do the work of Mary, as instruments of Mercy. Marist founder, Fr. Colin, envisaged a world where people from all walks of life would live Mary’s life in their time and make present in the world the Holy Spirit as modeled in Mary’s life of grace. This inspires us to enter into the quiet, passionate work of Mary, Mother of Mercy. Our concerns in Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation are rooted in this. Our commitments draw us to stay:

  • Aware of current and emerging global problems compromising safety and security, social and economic fairness, and the delivery of reasonable justice.
  • In direct contact with people on the economic margins
    of society.
  • In solidarity with those who are involved in the
    struggle for justice.

Mercy and Compassion. Marists are called to live in compassionate humility reflecting the spirit of Mary:  gentle, loving, relational, inclusive, and merciful. Our activism across the spectrum of Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation manifests this. We invite you to join us in our concern and action in the following areas of focus.

Human Dignity
Human Dignity, an important Justice and Peace Issue of the Society of Mary US ProvinceEvery life is sacred, so the life and dignity of every individual deserves respect and protection at every age. This holds especially true for those who dwell in circumstances where respect and protection are rare, including: the materially poor, abused, marginalized and discarded. The right-to-life is the most fundamental human right leading Marists to work for a world of greater respect for human life and greater commitment to justice and peace.

Environment Issues are an important issue for the Society of Mary US ProvinceMarists respond to environmental problems affecting poor and vulnerable people who struggle for ecological justice. Polluted air and diminishing water quality, climate change, and unmanaged waste have generated devastating effects on our planet and all who live here.  Marists work together with other groups to be advocates for change in this area.

U.S. Immigration
US Immigration is an important Justice and Peace issue for the Society of Mary US Province
Immigration is a complex issue with overlapping and intersecting concerns encompassing basic human rights, injustice, persecution, life-threatening insecurities, simple cultural misunderstandings and more. Immigration does not happen in large numbers when things are going well in a native country. It is a sign of need and often a collective cry for help.

Corporate Responsibility
Corporate Responsibility is an important Justice and Peace issue for the Society of Mary US ProvinceSocially responsibly investing –investing according to our faith and conscience – is an effective way to advocate for social justice. We join like-minded organizations who hold concerns in areas of global and domestic health care, water rights, climate change and human trafficking. We push corporations to implement policies regarding board member diversity, human rights, just governance, and minimizing the gap in economic, social and cultural inequities.

Pacific Islands
The Pacific Islands/Oceania are an important Justice and Peace Issue for the Society of Mary US Province
Our work in the Pacific Islands has a special place in our hearts. As a congregation whose founding enterprise was to be missionary, we were entrusted by Pope Gregory XVI in 1836 to care for this area of great cultural and political diversity. In today's developing global economy, unemployment and lack of opportunity for work is on the rise in many areas of Oceania, causing hardship to persons, families and whole communities, as well as creating environmental issues such as severe air and water pollution.

Take Action
The Marists invite you to take action
Each of us is called to live out our faith through actions that help transform our world and contribute to greater justice and peace for all people. If for one moment we could catch a glimpse of our world through the eyes of an exhausted immigrant hoping to rest one night in a place of safety, we might feel the deep and hungry ache for change felt only by those who have no hope of making change, and who must rely fully on those who can.




"The Church cannot
and must not remain
on the sidelines in
the fight for justice."

- Pope Francis

Society of Mary USA Province ENvironment Article from Today's Marist Spring 2014
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Laudato Si’ Study & Action Guide for Individuals & Small Groups

Laudato Si’
Study & Action Guide for
Individuals & Small Groups
(Download PDF)

Instruments of
Mercy at Work

Jean-Claude Colin, founder of Society of Mary

"I feel impelled towards
the poor classes,
towards country missions,
towards the poor
of Lyons.
To seek out outcasts,
give catechism instructions;
to help the beggars...
these are the thoughts
that pursue me."

Fr. Jean-Claude Colin

You can make
a difference!

Pray for Justice and
Peace in our world,
for relief for those
who are suffering,
for wisdom for
and for guidance to
be a source of hope
and agent of action
according to God's plan.

Investigate important
Justice and Peace issues,
learn how they affect
the lives of others,
and discuss what you
have learned with others.

Use your time, your purchasing power and
your voice to exercise your faith through action.
Seek volunteer opportunities that fit your passion.
Invest in companies who
endorse fair trade practices.
Boycott those who violate
human rights and the
environment. Contact your
government representives.

Show compassion and learn to be in solidarity with those less fortunate. Increase the scope of your compassion so that it embraces, values and respects all living beings without exception. Ensure that God's longing for closeness is experienced by everyone, especially those outside of or on the
fringes of society.