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Temporary Protected Status (TPS) News

TPS is a temporary, renewable, and statutorily authorized humanitarian migration program that permits individuals to remain and work lawfully in the U.S. during a period in which it is deemed unsafe for nationals of that country to return home. TPS currently protects thousands of people from deportation. They are our fellow parishioners, sisters, brothers, community leaders and colleagues. Some have been here for decades.

Save TPS for Nepal and Honduras!

The Department of Homeland Security must will decide whether to extend or end TPS for Honduras and Nepal near the end of April 2018.

Nepal has not yet recovered from the earthquake that devastated the country in 2015, while Honduras is not stable enough to reabsorb the 57,000 people who have been in the U.S. since 1999. TPS holders use their work permits to open businesses, integrate into their new communities, and help rebuild their native countries by sending money to their families. Ending TPS for either of these countries would harm communities both here and abroad.

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Migration Chairman Deeply Disappointed by Termination of Temporary Protected Status for El Salvador; Calls for Congress to Find a Legislative Solution

WASHINGTON — On January 8th, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced that it is terminating Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for El Salvador.

Bishop Joe S. Vásquez of Austin, Texas, Chairman of the Committee on Migration (USCCB/COM), issued the following statement:

"The decision to terminate TPS for
El Salvador is heartbreaking...

Our nation must not turn its back on
TPS recipients and their families;
they too are children of God."




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To protect Jesus with Mary, to protect the whole of creation, to protect each person, especially the poorest, to protect ourselves: this is a service that the Bishop of Rome is called to carry out, yet one to which all of us are called, so that the star of hope will shine brightly. Let us protect with love all that God has given us!

Pope Francis
St. Peter's Square
March 19, 2013

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