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Marists (major superiors and general administration members) attending the ARC (Annual Review Consultation) meeting in Rome, September 2016
Society of Mary USA, A global community serving our world.
Front row, left to right: Anthony Corcoran-secretary general, Pedro Alarcón-provincial Mexico, Pat Devlin-district superior Asia, Didier Hadonou-district superior Africa, Lote Raiwalui-general assistant
Middle row, left to right: José-Maria da Silva, district superior of Brazil and Peru-Venezuela, Paul Frechette-provincial USA, Larry Duffy-vicar general, Bob Barber-provincial Australia, Ben McKenna-provincial Oceania, John Hannan-superior general
Back row, left to right: Martin McAnaney provincial of Europe, Kevin Duffy-general assistant, Alejandro Muñoz-general assistant, David Kennerley-provincial New Zealand, Paul Martin, general bursar, Jacques Arguin-provincial Canada

Society of Mary USA, A global community serving our world.Back: Fr John Crispin sm (secretary of CEPAC), Bishop Ghislain de Rasilly sm (Wallis et Futuna), Archbishop Adrian Smith sm (Honiara), Bishop Paul Donoghue sm (Rarotonga), Fr David Kennerley sm (NZ Provincial) - Front: Bishop John Doaninoel sm (Auxiliary in Honiara), Bishop John Bosco Baremes sm (Vanuatu), Bishop Emeritus Stu O’Connell sm, Bishop Emeritus Robin Leamy sm, Archbishop Michel Calvet sm (New Caledonia).

Oceania Bishops' Conference held in New Zealand, Marists attend
Eighty-six bishops from across Oceania, including eight Marists, assembled in May 2014 in Wellington, New Zealand, in the largest gathering of bishops in that country since the Federation of Bishops Conferences of Oceania’s first meeting in Auckland in 1994.

In his monthly pastoral opinion column for May, Archbishop John Dew, D.D., pointed to papal direction the bishops will be following in this week's meeting: "Pope John Paul II wrote his apostolic exhortation Ecclesia in Oceania in 2001 specifically for the church in this part of the world under the protection of the Southern Cross. ... The Lord has called the Church in Oceania to himself. As always the call involves a sending forth on mission. The purpose of being with Jesus is to go forth from Jesus, in his power and with his grace. Christ is now calling the church to share his mission with new energy and creativity [EIO #3]."

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Setting Out...

St. Mark's Gospel is full of a sense of urgency as he describes Jesus going from place to place on this mission, urging his disciples, "Let us go elsewhere so that I can preach there, because that is why I came."

In one way or another every disciple of Jesus will experience these same moments of choice, testing and mission. It was the experience of Mary, the first disciple of Jesus, and it was the experience of the first apostles.

The same pattern of grace was seen in the first Marists. When Jean-Claude Courveille told his fellow seminarians that he had "heard" in his heart Mary saying "Here is what I want", they began to realise that Mary was inviting them to undertake a work that she had in mind.

And they understood that they had been invited into, or chosen for, something bigger than themselves.

The years of preparation and foundation were years of testing as the project matured in the minds and hearts of the founding Marists Champagnat, Chavoin and Colin. For Colin, this time of testing and forming was a time of "tasting God" in prayer.

But to "taste God" is also to develop a taste for those whom God cares for most particularly — the lost, the abandoned, the confused, those on the margins, the sinners, the non-believers.

And so, from the very start, the Marist project was to be a missionary venture, an enterprise which would push those who joined it to the boundaries of the church and to the boundaries of the world.

Within months of the first profession ceremony for the Society of Mary, Marist priests and brothers had set out to the very ends of the known world. They were soon joined by lay women and then by sisters.

And since then, the history of the enterprise has been one of setting out and setting out again for wherever A Certain Waythere is need.

"A Certain Way"
by Craig Larkin SM


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