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QUIES ET LUDUS (rest and play)

When he was a teacher at Belley, Peter Chanel knew the value of play and rest. The periods of recreation at the college were long and lively. During the journey of more than 10 months from Le Havre to Futuna, rest and play were part of his daily existence, even if we don’t know the details.

Jesus said, “Come away with me to a deserted spot and take a little rest” (Mark 6:31). Give us, O Lord, the gift of knowing how to take rest. Revive in us a childlike spirit and love of play.

Novena prayers by Fr. Pascal Boidin, SM, Rector of Notre Dame de France in London, United Kingdom

Music Credit: “We Sing Chanel” song written by Fr. Chris Skinner, SM and performed by Fr. Skinner and Fr. Peter Roe, SM. Click here to read more about Fr. Skinner’s music (