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PIETAS (piety, diligence)

Peter Chanel did not run away from long eventless days – on the ship on his way to Oceania, on Futuna where he couldn’t speak the language. Despite everything, he just kept going.

Jesus said, “It is by your perseverance that you will save your life” (Luke 21:19). Grant us, Lord, to be like St. Peter Chanel and not to be discouraged in adversity. Give us the strength of your Spirit to live day by day our commitment to follow you.

Novena prayers by Fr. Pascal Boidin, SM, Rector of Notre Dame de France in London, United Kingdom

Music Credit: “We Sing Chanel” song written by Fr. Chris Skinner, SM and performed by Fr. Skinner and Fr. Peter Roe, SM. Click here to read more about Fr. Skinner’s music (