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LABOR (work)

Peter Chanel worked throughout his life. On Futuna, he painstakingly studied the local language in order to be able to communicate with his new neighbors. Daily, regular work was part of his life.

Paul wrote to the Thessalonians: “If someone does not want to work, neither should he be given food to eat” (2Th 3, 10). Lord grant us the gift of getting on with our work calmly and conscientiously. Free us from all slavery and let our daily work be a service to you.

Novena prayers by Fr. Pascal Boidin, SM, Rector of Notre Dame de France in London, United Kingdom

Music Credit: “We Sing Chanel” song written by Fr. Chris Skinner, SM and performed by Fr. Skinner and Fr. Peter Roe, SM. Click here to read more about Fr. Skinner’s music (