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Your gift will be used toward the Care of Aging and Elderly Marists, Recruitment, Formation, Education and Training of Marists, Marist outreach to those who are in need, Marist ministries for the advancement of Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation, Marist Laity and the Marist Website.

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"I have been impressed by the Marists' strong sense of community, and I want to support that."

Irene Schaefer:
Why I Support the Marists

"I decided to start contributing to the Retirement Fund because it is evident that each year more and more of their order are retiring and every religious order needs more assistance for their aging religious. Marists have made a conscious decision to keep older Marists as a part of the communities so they are still with their brothers and continue to have a useful existence. Older Marists are respected for what they can still contribute. Everyone knows what they achieved in their ministry, whether they were teachers, administrators, missionaries in far off lands or parish priests, and they are respected."