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Your Gifts: Furthering the Spirit of Mary

Mary and JesusThe Marist mission is to spread the good news of God's love and mercy to the world in the spirit of Mary, through whom Jesus, our "good news," chose to take human form.

With your generous support we will be able to continue our founder's vision, spirituality, and mission.

Your gifts help to support the recruitment, formation, education and training of Marists so that we continue to be there for future parishioners, alumni and friends.

You can join us:

  • Through your prayers for all Marists and those who minister to spread the Word of God and your prayers for vocations to the Marist way of life,
  • Through your gift of time working with us in a Marist ministry,
  • Through your monetary gift to "make the whole world Marist."

The Marist Imprint: A Blessing and Grace
By Richard Mercier

I first came to know the Marists when their vocation director for the former Boston Province, Fr. Mead, came to speak at the school I was attending, St. John's in Plainfield, Connecticut. What he had to say about the Marist way of doing things left an enduring impression on me; so much so, in fact, that I decided to spend time at the Marist summer camp in Oakledge, Maine during the following summer. That experience led me to four years at Marist Prep in Bedford, Maine and a year at the seminary in Framingham, Massachusetts.

The education I received from the Marists was far superior to what I would have had anywhere else. The training, the thought patterns, the overarching values were such that the Marist imprint was left on me and has been a blessing and grace throughout my life. The Marist approach is one of circumspection, a reckoning with ones own strengths, shortcomings and talents, and a deep and abiding appreciation and caring for others. I learned while a student with them that the closer one tries to become a good Marist, the more one becomes a good Christian.

The lesson we can all learn from the Marists is that living a life that extends out from one's self in service is well worth living. This way of viewing myself in the world was helpful to me when I served in the Connecticut legislature and while building a service-oriented business.

I view the Society of Mary in the United States as an integral part of the future Church in this country. The Marist view is needed in our Church and world, and that is why one of the most compelling reasons I hold for supporting the Marists is the vocation and formation work they are doing. It is important that the Marists prepare to replace those who carried on the Marist tradition through to the end of the last century. The world needs new Marists to carry this work on in parishes, schools, prisons, chaplaincies and missions. This is a costly enterprise and needs financial and prayerful support to bring the Marist Way through to future generations. I remain committed financially and prayerfully to this extraordinarily humble but effective group of religious men, and hope others will as well.



The lesson we can all learn
from the Marists is that
living a life that extends out
from one's self in service
is well worth living.


Fr. Robert Champagne
The Care of Aging
and Elderly Marists

If you graduated from a
Marist school or were ministered
to by Marists you can return
the blessing and support to those
who cared for you.


Marist Outreach
Marist Outreach

You can support ministry with our
poorest brothers and sisters in Texas,
or prison and AIDS ministry in
San Francisco.



Marist Laity
Marist Laity

You can become an evangelist
and spread the word to all about
the many ways we can be Marist,
imbued with the spirit of Mary, in
our married or single lives.