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Planned Giving: A Compassionate Legacy

Planned gifts from Marist friends provide the resources that create extraordinary opportunities and preserve the Marist mission in the future. A planned gift of any kind can be for any amount and for any purpose — operations, sponsoring a seminarian, care for senior our religious, or endowment — whether given currently or deferred.

Of course, there are many options for including the Marists in your estate. Discuss the options listed below with your estate planner. If you have any questions relating to planned giving opportunities with The Society of Mary, please contact Paul Carr at 617-451-3237. You can also contact us by mail: Marist Fathers & Brothers, 27 Isabella Street, Boston, MA 02116.

A Cash Bequest
You can leave the Marist Society a specific dollar amount in your will

Bequest of Property
The Marist Society can receive specific assets, such as securities, an interest in real estate (such as a residence), or tangible personal property (e.g., works of art, antiques).

Residuary Bequest
The Marists can receive all or a percentage of the remainder of your estate after the payment of any specific bequests and all estate-related expenses.

Testamentary Trust
The trust will provide one or more of your heirs with income for life, after which the assets will pass to the Marist Society.

Retirement Plan
The Marist Society can be designated as a beneficiary of the remainder or a percentage of the remainder of your IRA, Keogh, tax-sheltered annuity, qualified pension, or profit-sharing plan.

Testamentary QTIP Trust
The trust provides income, and principal if needed, to your spouse for life, after which the assets can pass to the Marist Society.

Contingent Bequest
The Marist Society is given a bequest only in the event of the death of other beneficiaries.

Through various types of bequests to the Marist Society, you can secure an estate-tax charitable deduction for the value of your gift.

Most of all, you will know that your generosity will carry on the Marist mission and ministries and support the work you valued during your life, to continue for many years after your life. An extraordinary legacy!

The form of bequest you choose is not subject to estate or inheritance taxes, and so significantly reduces the tax burden of your estate. The value of your bequest may be deducted when the taxable estate is determined, and there is no limit to the deduction.




The Society of Mary exists
not because of the early
Marists' concern for Mary,
or because of their concern
about people's devotion to her,
but because of Mary's concern
for the Church, because of
her devotion to God's people.




Paul Carr
Paul Carr
Director of Development

Dear Marist Friends,

While drawing up a Will is one way to leave money to others, it is not the only way.

In fact, friends and benefactors of the Society of Mary have a variety of choices through which to remember the Society in their estate plans. Some of these planned gifts include Bequests of Property and other giving methods that benefit not only the Marists, but our donors as well. These kinds of gifts can possibly give back a number of advantages to Marist donors, including:

• Increased income
• The ability to bypass (or eliminate entirely) capital gains taxes
• An increase to estate and gift tax deductions

Some gifts may even help you conserve your estate assets, helping you pass on a larger estate to your heirs.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Paul Carr
Director of Development