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Join the Society of MaryThe mission of all Marists to help you discover Christ's call in your life and to live out the Father's will in your major and minor life choices is a ministry of great importance. Jesus calls each and every Christian to live out their baptismal commitment in faith, hope and love either as a married person, as a single celibate or a consecrated religious.

To discover and answer Christ's call requires a maturity that comes from accurate self knowledge and a realistic assessment of Christian married life, single life or consecrated life. But such self-knowledge is essential to make a free choice to answer God's call to one of the three Christian adult choices.

It is our duty to do all we can to help the young as they go through their discernment process.

Society of Mary OrdinationA vocation to the Society of Mary is a holy call, simply to bear Christ to the world as Mary the Mother of God did. But it is only over a lifetime that a priest or brother grows into the fullness of what this means. Within a committed community of vowed religious men and joined with the wider Marist family of religious and laity around the world, the individual dedicates himself to be Mary's presence to the Church and all people, especially the most neglected, the poor, and those who suffer injustice.

In faith, attitude, prayer, and action, a Marist strives to think, judge, feel and act in every way as Mary would.

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Marist LaityMarist lay groups take on a variety of structures and works to express that spirit. In all, the focus is on the spirit of Mary rather than any particular Marian devotion or practice. Some groups pray and study together, others work in a Marist ministry, and still others pray in communion with other Marists for the whole Marist family and their mission.

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This goal of a Church with a Marian face does not refer to promoting one or another special devotion to the Mother of Jesus, but it points, rather, to Christ's love and Mary's presence in the Church community in such a way as to transform it into a more loving, more open, more inclusive, and more merciful Church.




In faith, attitude, prayer, and action, a Marist strives to
think, judge, feel and act in every way as Mary would.

A Church with
Mary's Features

Here is a useful way to describe the work of the Marist enterprise: to enable the Church to grow and develop. Inasmuch as we are members of the Church, the way we live affects it.

As Marists, we want to live in such a way that the Church is ever more clearly a church of mercy and compassion, and a church where the Gospel is lived according to the manner of Mary, always reflecting Christ's great love for the world. We want the Church to be a place where everyone can grow in the life of Christ, a place characterized by compassion and relationship.

A church with the "face of Mary" would make a choice for compassion over competition, an option for relationship over dogmatism, for humility over power, for service over control. A Church in which Mary is present will open its doors to welcome all people to Jesus Christ rather than issuing strict regulations so as to admit only some specially chosen souls.

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