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Finding God

On November 18, 2018, Nik Rodewald joined nine other men at the International Marist Novitiate in Eden, Davao, Philippines.

With the three formators, Fathers Fernando Ingente (AS), Jacob Aba (O) and Joaquín Fernández (EU), the community unites people of eight nationalities, coming from six Marist units. The other nine men come from the districts of Africa and Asia, and from the provinces of Oceania and New Zealand.

In preparation for the novitiate, the men will have a program of cultural orientation: to each other, their cultural diversity and the Marist family; to Davao City and Philippine culture; and to human formation/development. The formal novitiate program will begin January 18, 2019.

Nik serves as lector at Missioning Liturgy
Nik serves as lector at Missioning Liturgy

Nik met the Marists in Boston while studying at Berklee College of Music. He began the postulancy program there in 2015 at Isabella Street. Later that year he moved to Marist College in Washington, DC and studied philosophy at The Catholic University of America. In the fall of 2017 Nik was admitted to the School of Music at the University and is specializing in composition. He spent the summer of 2016 in the Mexican Province living in the formation house and learning Spanish. He is fluent in French and speaks Spanish well, which deepened his relationship with the Mexican Sisters in DC.

Nik has shown a deep love for service to those who are homeless during his years in Boston before joining the Marists. In DC, he was assigned to a ministry at Joseph House, a project that deals with hospice and critical illness challenges for the homeless. He became committed to his weekly service of making breakfast for and eating with the residents. Nik also used his musical gifts at St. Anthony's, the local DC parish, and became involved there with the Sunday evening young adult Eucharist and in the parish school.

"Nothing is more practical
than finding God,
than falling in Love
in a quite absolute, final way....
Fall in Love, stay in love,
and it will decide everything."

On November 16, the morning liturgy involved a blessing whereby Nik was missioned by the community gathered and sent forth to his time of discernment at the international novitiate. The missioning ritual included the oft-quoted "Finding God" attributed to Pedro Arrupe SJ.

Ted Keating, SM, formator for the U.S. Province, noted: "It has been a joy to have him here and he will leave a gaping hole in the community and for the Sisters as well."

Nik is blessed and missioned by the community
Nik is blessed and missioned by the community




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