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Marist School Vocations Week
(by Cristina Vásconez Herrera, Director of Communications, adapted from

Each year toward the end of January, Marist School in Atlanta, Georgia hosts Vocations Week, focusing on religious life to give students an idea of what such a life might entail, and encouraging them to consider such a calling.

This year's presenters included Marist Missionary Sisters (SMSM) Senitila and Sunitha, from Tonga and Sri Lanka, respectively; Brother Al Rivera FMS, director of vocations for the Marist Brothers of the Schools; and Father David Sanchez, SM, representing the Marist Fathers and Brothers, the Society of Mary. Father Sanchez (province of Mexico) serves on the staff of the Marist International Theologate in Rome, Italy.

Marist School Vocations Week -students and presenters
Students and presenters

The visiting Marists presented to theology classes, speaking about their respective experiences and sharing their personal journeys to becoming Marist religious. Time for questions from the students provided opportunity for discussion with the speaker. Some students were invited for a Thursday evening dinner in the rectory so they could have time for more in-depth conversations with the presenters.

Coincidentally, students and chaperones were visiting from the Marist school in Callao, Peru as part of the exchange program. Marist School President Father Bill Rowland, SM, noted: "Vocations Awareness Week and the student exchange program with Peru are reminders that the Society of Mary is an international religious order." He noted that "one of the attractive features of attending Marist School is the opportunity the school provides to connect with other Marist students in different countries."

Marist Alumnus Fr. Jack Butler, SJ
Marist Alumnus Fr. Jack Butler, SJ

Vocations Week was capped off with an all-school Mass with guest homilist Marist alumnus Father Jack Butler, SJ, '82, who serves Boston College as vice president of mission and ministry. Fr. Butler reminded students that they are special in the eyes of God and that by attending a school like Marist, they have a vocation to love and serve others as followers of Jesus. Encouraging students to listen to God's call, he said:

"What God has in store for you is great. Be open to it. God believes in you. God is proud of you. Now go change the world, whatever your vocation is. Fulfill your dream and you fulfill God's dream for you."



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