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Our Ministries

MaryYou will find Marists involved in ministries as diverse in daily life as the communications director for a diocese and the pastor in a rural church, as far distant geographically as New York and California, as divergent in setting as classroom and prison cell.

We are united by our spirituality of following Mary's desire for unity, for inclusiveness, for healing, and for bridging gaps.

Whether in a school, hospital, mission, or military base, we live out a concrete spirituality that teaches people how to "taste God."

We invite you to learn more about Marist ministries in the Church, in the schools, in the world, and where ever we
are needed.

The Marists staff parishes throughout the United States from West Virginia to California and across the Pacific. We consider the care of parishes and the people of God a sacred trust, and we have responded to calls from Bishops throughout our history to meet the needs of the people.

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The Society of Mary has a century and a half long commitment to Catholic education in the United States, and the Marists also serve on campuses, in hospital education programs, and with youth in a wide variety of ways.

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Higher Education and Campus Ministry
Marists teach in colleges and work in campus ministry at several locations, serving the spiritual needs of diverse student bodies.

World Missions
The Marists are a missionary society. For the U.S. Province that means they send members to far-flung places in Brazil and the Philippines. But they are also missionaries even here at home. Each Marist considers himself on mission — a mission of bringing reconciliation, charity, and love into the world.

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Partners in Mission
Marist Partners in Mission
My relationship with the Marists began in 1936, when I entered the Marist seminary, called Maryvale, in Bedford, MA. That was where I went to high school and did a half-year of college before moving on to a life where a career in diplomatic service awaited me, and much more...

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Marists in Mission
Marist Students work Peace by Piece
In the many efforts to build peace in the Middle East, a relatively unknown program at Marist School plays a quiet but significant role in sowing seeds of peace and understanding among Jewish, Muslim and Christian students in the U.S.

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Whether in a school,
hospital, mission,
or military base,
we live out a
concrete spirituality
that teaches people
how to "taste God."