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Journey with Colin: A doorway to the Marist Project


Dear Friends,

For the past few years, there has been a new interest by the Marist family in the person and spirituality of Jean-Claude Colin: publications, works, faith sharing by groups, pilgrimages to the places of Marist origins, and the choice by the province of Europe to make La Neylie re one of its priority projects, shows for young people on the history of Fr Colin in Bury-Rosaire, and the reopening of the cause for the beatification of the founder by the congregation.

What this renewal shows is not the desire to promote the worship of a man but the need for Marists, lay and religious to go back to the source and to revive the vision and way of living that he left them as a heritage. It's also the hope that the path that he opened can, through us, become the source of life for others and promote renewal in the Church.

In 2016 the Society of Mary will celebrate the 200th anniversary of its foundation by the signature of the first dozen Marists in the small chapel of Fourvie re. This will no doubt be a big feast for the Society of Mary. But without hesitation, the regional council of France thought that it could get things moving.

So we are suggesting a pilgrimage. We will begin this year with Nazareth, a place of evangelisation close to the heart of Fr. Colin. After that it could be Cana, then Jerusalem where the first disciples of Mary gathered. The purpose of this proposal is to draw inspiration for our daily life from all that Fr. Colin can offer us.

A useful clarification: it's not a question of something more to do, but a resource for nourishment for our personal meditation or for our team meetings.

Let's go off to Nazareth then and happy travelling!

François Drouilly, Corinne Fenet
Gérard Lamour, Olivier Laurent
Bernard Thomasset, Alexandra Yannicopoulos-Boulet

How to use this series

In this series, you will find ten topics. The first one introduces us to the theme of Nazareth: it recalls the experiences which are given to us by going into the spirit of this place. The other nine topics – introduce different calls that lead us to making reference to Nazareth.

These topics can be used for personal meditation as well as for sharing in a team or a community. They can be used freely: all of these topics or just a few of them, in the order suggested or according to felt interest, as the days go by or during team meetings.

Each topic gives different elements that have as their purpose to introduce us to reflexion or sharing: a photo, a biblical quotation, a word of Fr. Colin, a contemporary text, one or more suggestions for exercises to be done on one's own or as a group. The reader or the team will use for meditation or sharing, the elements that will bring the most inspiration.





Journey with us
through this series,
right here on the website,
as we explore various
topics over the
next ten months.


Journey with Colin: A doorway to the Marist Project
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Topic Themes

With Mary at Nazareth

So, we will give up everything for Nazareth?
Not really. But we can at least take into consideration again those statements we find in the Gospel according to Saint Luke... Read More>

1. Dwelling

2. Enter into silence,     listening

3. Tasting God

4. Putting down roots

5. Simplicity

6. Living as brothers

7. Remaining hidden
    and unknown

8. Clearing the decks

These topics can
be used for
personal meditation
as well as for
sharing in a team
or a community.