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In faith, attitude, prayer, and action, Marists strive to think, judge, feel and act in every way as Mary would. The spirit of Mary is compassionate, merciful, humble, and reconciling. Mary's life as we know it from the New Testament was as a willing servant of God. She was a quiet, ever-present support and the first disciple of Jesus.

We invite you to explore how Marists seek to understand the spirit of Mary and the resources we offer for your own study of living Mary's spirit today.

Pope Francis has decreed that "the Memorial of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church," should be inscribed in the Roman Calendar on the Monday after Pentecost and be celebrated every year in churches throughout the world.

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Blessed Virgin Mary Mother of the Church>


150th Anniversary Celebration
From its founding, the Society of Mary has worked to help the Church reflect the spirit of Mary: gentle, loving humble, relational, inclusive, and merciful. Throughout 2013, Marists in the United States celebrated the 150th anniversary of our arrival in the United States. Please enjoy stories of our many celebrations.

City Centre Churches Network
Marist Fathers City Centre Churches Network BlogThis new blog focuses on city centre evangelization rather than typical parish ministry. As mandated in our Constitution: Emphasis will be given to the neglected and the poor (Marist Constitutions 12), and different forms of evangelisation and Church renewal (Marist Constitutions 14).
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Marists Around The World
List of links to Marist Provinces, Districts, Associations, Parishes, and Schools.

Marists Youth International
Marist Youth International
Society of Mary's web site, specially created for young people with whom the Marist Fathers and Brothers share their life and mission.

A Certain Way by Craig Larkin SM
This is the story of those men and women who in the 1800's committed themselves to what they called "The Work of Mary" and began a movement which is still developing today. It is also the story of what makes today's Marists think, judge and act. READ MORE>

Marist Thoughts


A Novena of Prayer for Vocations to the Society of Mary 2015A Novena of Prayer for Vocations to
the Society of Mary 2015

As has been traditional in the Society of Mary the nine days leading up to the Feast of St Peter Chanel are dedicated to prayer for vocations to the priesthood and the religious life. The prayers and reflections in this booklet can be used individually, in a group setting or as part of community prayer.

The Examen
(The steps of the Examen as described by Jim Manney)

Ecological Examen
(In celebration of Earth Day by Greg Kennedy, SJ)

A Marist Litany
(In the Spirit of Venerable Fr. Colin's After-Dinner Prayer)

(the evening light service that comes from Byzantine tradition)
Thanksgiving Adapted from Apostolic Constitutions, Fourth Century

Salve Regina (Hail, Holy Queen), Hail Mary, and Sub Tuum
(Prayers are located in the right sidebar)
Honoring Mary, requesting the conversion of sinners and commending the faithful to her intercession.

Marist Prayers for Special Days (download PDF file 228 kb)

Our Stories


The Marist Imprint: A Blessing and Grace By Richard Mercier


• Notre Dame Comes Together to Make a Difference

• Marist Students Work "Peace by Piece"


 • Reach Teacher Named 2014 Distinguished Educator of the Year

• Dr. Cruz, SM, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
at Seattle University's School of Theology and Ministry

• Grand time at Notre Dame's big anniversary celebration

• New Chapel and Retrofitted Newman Center


• Marist Donor Accomplishes Amazing Things

• Jerry Levesque: An early Marist imprint on me influenced
my choice to support Marists for the rest of my life


San Felipe de Jesús Parish Celebrates Patronal Feast

Video Library

Please enjoy a short video on the Marist Mission in Brazil with a lot of familiar faces. Please excuse the brief moments of muffled voice. The rest is very clear.

Spirit and decisions of the Council of the Society of Mary, Dublin 2013

Images of the Council of the Society

Society of Mary USA 150th Anniversary

Society of Mary USA 150th Anniversary - Boston OLV Celebration

The Good-Hearted Man

Testimonianza Vocazionale Marista: Thilo
(Marist Youth International)

Brothers Matt and Brendan share on their life at Marist Seminary
(Society of Mary - New Zealand)

Matthew Crawford Speaks About His Vocation
(Society of Mary - New Zealand)

Fr. John Larsen Shares his Experience as Missionary
(Society of Mary - New Zealand)





The Marist's mind
and heart will be
turned towards
Mary in a gesture
of trusting personal relationship,
attentive to
whatever Mary
may have to
teach or say.


The Examen

The Examen: St. Ignatius tells us  the examination  of conscience is  the most important  spiritual exercise.

St. Ignatius tells us
the examination
of conscience is
the most important
spiritual exercise.

By definition, this is a daily review of one's past thoughts, words, actions and omissions which we bring before God with grateful reflection.

We present for your use this Ignatian prayer card, which brings us through the steps of the Examen as described by Jim Manney in his work: A Simple, Life-Changing Power. (Published by Loyola Press, a ministry of the Chicago Province of the Jesuits.)

Download "The Examen" Prayer Card>



Media Lounge


From "A Certain Way"
The Marist project was described as "a tree of many branches". There were branches of priests, brothers, sisters, and lay people.

Within a year of the death of the founder of the brothers, 421 young men had become brothers. At the death of the founder of the priests' branch, 258 priests and religious were working in France, Oceania and London.

Within a year of its approval 16 young women from one small village had joined the sisters' group.

What was the secret?