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Marist Vocation

Life as a Marist

Marist life is simple and modest in its expression, close to the lives of ordinary people, apostolic in character and marked by spontaneity and joy. – The Marist Constitutions.

Community life is at the heart of Marist life. We take as our inspiration the early church, of the disciples united in “one heart and one mind” in the service of the Gospel. As Marists we actively minister to others in a wide variety of apostolates but we are more than just workers in an enterprise. We share our lives, our mission and our vision.

  • We strive to live a common life.
  • We share our material goods according to the vow of poverty.
  • We share common meals and recreate together each day.
  • We try to care for each other and imitate that love the early disciples had for one another.
  • We pray together, celebrate the Eucharist regularly, and share our faith.

Living in community enables us to support each other in living our religious life. It enables us to keep our feet on the ground and remain faithful to our vows. We each have a place where we are respected for our individuality and appreciated for our contribution to our common life and ministry. Our belonging in community enables us to grow in our relationship with God and with each other.