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We, the Marist priests and brothers, are members of the Society of Mary, an international religious congregation in the Catholic Church. We are men called to ‘be’ Mary - thinking, judging, feeling, and acting as Mary in all we do. Marist priests and brothers have been called by a “gracious choice” into the family of Mary.

A magazine published three times a year by The Marist Fathers and Brothers of the US Province.

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The Marists invite you to join in the Good Friday reflection with Fr. Tom Rosica, CSB

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Jesus Is Laid In The Tomb

No mother should ever have to bury a child. Just a short time before this day, Jesus looked into Lazarus’ tomb. He must have known he would be laid in a tomb like that soon. And when he thanked God for hearing his prayer, he must have known that the Father who sent him would give him life that would never die. In just a few days, this tomb would be empty and forever a sign of Jesus’ surrender to the forces of sin and death, for us.

As we picture this scene, let us place the image of the empty tomb before our eyes. Whenever you are tempted to stand outside any tomb and grieve, remember this empty tomb and know that, through the eyes of faith, all tombs are empty. Today, join me in giving him thanks. Join me in signing ourselves with the sign of his cross, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Stations of the Cross with Mary (with permission from Creighton University Online Ministries)

Jesus Is Taken Down From The Cross

We waited what seemed like a long time before we had permission to take his lifeless body off that cross. And, it took so long to remove the nails, and to finally lower his body to the ground. Someone removed that horrible crown of thorns from his head. They pulled his hair back and wiped his face clean before letting me hold his body one last time. He had been given to me for only a brief time. When he left home three years before, I was so proud of him and excited to experience what God would do through him. There at the foot of the cross, my heart torn by grief, but always trusting in God’s promise, I asked only to be God’s servant for what was ahead. After the Ascension, when we would gather in homes for the Breaking of the Bread, I again held his broken body in my hands, now full of consolation that his promise was fulfilled: he would always be with us.

Let yourself join me in receiving this mystery of the death of Jesus being so real and complete. Knowing the rest of the story, join me in speaking with him, heart to heart, about our gratitude for how he has transformed the power of death.

Stations of the Cross with Mary (with permission from Creighton University Online Ministries)

The Marists invite you to join in the Holy Thursday reflection with Fr. Tom Rosica, CSB.

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