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Marist Vocation

What Marists Do

The Society of Mary began with a group of priests burning with a desire to evangelize the lost and confused people of their time both at home and in foreign lands. They felt called to undertake this task modeling their lives on the life, faith, and generosity of Mary.

They began working in home missions in forgotten rural areas of southeast France where Church structures had been destroyed by the French Revolution. Here they preached missions and helped people to rekindle their Catholic faith. As their message and ministry spread the Society of Mary began attracting an increasing number of people who wished to serve the Church after the example of Mary.

The men of the Society of Mary continue to have that missionary spirit.

Today we evangelize in a variety of ministries here in the United States and around the world. Marist work:

  • in parishes

  • in schools

  • in college campuses

  • in prisons

  • in hospitals

  • in missions

  • with people who feel alienated from the Church and Society

Marists experience many apostolates during our lives according to the needs of our times. All of our ministries are works of the Society and grounded in our communal life. Marists seek to support the Church where it is fragile and to implant it where it doesn’t yet exist.