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How You Can Help

Gifts to the Marists can be made in various ways, many of which are detailed on this page.
We encourage you to review the giving options below to see what’s right for you.

Make your gift quickly today by giving online. Using the same online form, you can also set up a Recurring Gift that allows you to contribute in monthly installments.

If you would like to mail your gift to the Marists, please download and complete the Pledge Form and submit with your gift by personal check, cashier’s check, or money order.

If you prefer to speak to us directly, call 617-451-3237 to make a gift. The Society of Mary accepts all major credit cards.

Contributing long-term appreciated stock or other securities that have been held for one year or more can make it possible for you to give a substantial gift to the Society of Mary and receive a tax break. Usually, when appreciated securities are sold, the seller owes taxes on the full gain, which means he or she keeps only part of the profit. However, if the appreciated security is given to a qualified charitable organization such as the Society of Mary, the donor avoids capital gains tax and most likely will qualify for a tax deduction on the entire value of the charitable gift.

Antiques, art objects and other collectibles can be valuable assets for giving. You can donate the property to the Society of Mary and often take a deduction for the property’s full fair market value. Since some restrictions do apply, please check with us before making a gift of personal property. 

A gift of closely-held stock makes it possible for you or your corporation to provide much-needed support for the Society of Mary while also reaping financial benefits, beginning with an income tax deduction for the charitable contribution. Please be sure to discuss the potential benefits with your tax advisor before making the gift. To complete the transaction, please contact the Marist Development Office at 617-451-3237.

Do you have a home or vacation property, farm, commercial real estate, or even vacant land you no longer need or want? By giving that real estate to the Society of Mary rather than selling it, you may be able to obtain an income tax charitable deduction equal to the property’s full fair market value, avoid tax on the property’s appreciation, free up money you had been paying on tax and upkeep, and reduce your taxable estate.

An easy way to make a substantial gift to the Marists is to give them a life insurance policy you no longer need or make the Society of Mary U.S. Province the beneficiary of a life insurance policy. This gift method can reduce your taxes and increase your spendable income.

Planned Giving encompasses several powerful philanthropic tools that can help make all of these aspirations a reality. Some of the most popular planned giving methods include bequests, life estates, the charitable remainder trust and family lead trusts. The document provided here gives additional information about this option. Contact the Marist Development Office at 617-451-3237 for more details.

If the participant of a retirement plan dies before the entire account has been distributed, her or his heirs could pay significant estate and income taxes — sometimes as much as 75 percent — on the remaining balance. If your loved ones are provided for by other means, naming The Society of Mary as the beneficiary of the remaining retirement plan assets can diminish your heirs’ tax burden and give you the satisfaction of knowing you’ve supported a worthwhile cause.

Many companies will match the charitable gifts made by their employees, doubling the amount contributed to the Society of Mary. The total amount of that gift is then credited to the employee-donor. Please see your employer to determine whether your company matches gifts.

Giving Tuesday is held on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving Day. Please watch our website for news on this event.

Questions or Donations

For more information contact:

Marist Development Office

698 Beacon Street
Boston, MA 02215

Phone: 617-451-3237