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Marists are men and women who strive to live the Gospel the way Mary lived it. We are scattered to the four corners of the world but united in one heart and one mind under the patronage of Mary, the mother of Jesus. We gather into religious congregations and lay movements: The Missionary Sisters of the Society of Mary, the Marist Sisters, the Marist Brothers, the Priests and Brothers of the Society of Mary, and many lay groups of Marist inspiration.

Today, we continue in the venture to renew the spirit and mission of the Church as a place of collaboration and true spiritual enrichment.

We invite you to discover that true strength is found in gentleness. Marist spirituality invites us to embrace this liberating truth, which comes to us from the heart of God, by following Mary, the Mother of Jesus. Like Mary, we too can hear the gentle rhythms of the grace of God in our lives by making our own her manner of thinking, judging, feeling, and acting.

Mary's way is a direct path to the divine heart of mercy.

Pope Francis: Respect for Women
That in every country of the world, women may be honored and respected and that their essential contribution to society may be highly esteemed..
Pope Francis’ prayer intention for March

Seasonal Reflections
Seasonal Reflections

They strive to become, in their Father's words, even more effective "instruments of Divine Mercy." Marist Constitutions, 11


Society of Mary US Province
Join Us in Prayers of Gratitude
Christians Finally Released after Being Held Captive
by ISIS in Syria

Syria Christians Held CaptivePlease join the Marists in our prayer of thanksgiving for our Christian brothers and sisters who were released in February after being held and threatened for a year by ISIS on the basis of their faith.


Journey with Colin: A doorway to the Marist Project
From Our Founder
Being patient

Only the Creoles have the secret of the following proverb: "with patience and spit you can insert the seed of a calabash into the backside of a mosquito".

Patience and spit, surrender and activity, both are required on a spiritual journey... Yet, there are trials that resist, sharp pains that cause all of our best efforts to fail. What does one do, then, when there is nothing one can do?  READ MORE>



Marist Thoughts Seasonal Reflections

We are told that the early Christian communities were one in mind and heart, and held all things in common. The communities were places of prayer filled with the Spirit of Christ, where people gathered in peace and in reconciliation, justice and joy. They were places where one might find understanding, acceptance, and mercy.

The very attributes ascribed to the early Christian communities are the very values all Marists are called to live today. Wherever they may minister, be it in schools or parishes, colleges or hospitals, missions or shrines, you will find them of one mind and one heart, living the Gospel of Jesus Christ.



Link to Marist Youth International, the Society of Mary website specially created for young people whom the Marist Fathers and Brothers share their life and mission.

Link to Marist Fathers City Centre Churches Network Blog


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Tell House Congressional Leaders Not to Bring
Anti-Refugee Bill
H.R. 4731 to a Vote!

Refugees have no voice, but you do

It is critical that they hear from everyone who supports refugee resettlement.

from the Committee
on Migration of the
United States
Conference of
Catholic Bishops
H.R. 4731 U.S. >


Seasonal Reflections
On Jan. 13, 2016,
Notre Dame des Victoires
Church in San Francisco,
was the site for
"Movements for Migrants,"
a concert benefiting
Syrian refugees.

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Seasonal Reflections

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